The Customer

As one of the largest manufacturers of bleached board and coated publications, our customer is second to none in quality and among the best for printability. Global demand for products of this is quality is insatiable. Keen focus of not only quality product, but on time shipments has proven to be a success for the company from day one.

The Situation

With a global market demand so great. Our customers didn’t have the warehousing ability or the internal workforce to handle the storage and worldwide shipping needs to continue to meet and exceed customer expectation. With outbound orders fluctuating greatly, inbound shipments would fluctuate equally as well. To complicate matters exponentially, numerous orders had less than a 24 hour turnaround time from receipt of the product to final shipment to the customer.

The Solution

Wagner has handled the complex warehousing, shipping, and transportation tasks with ease. We began with the startup of a new division transporting our customer’s product to our facility, warehousing the product and then shipping to the final end user. The creation of a new division provided new challenges, from purchasing new equipment to hiring a workforce. Wagner took over the transportation needs with a smooth transition in January and it has been proven to be a winning partnership.


  • Warehousing of necessary supplies, providing multiple truck daily shipments, including off hour availability of supplies when necessary.
  • Manning increase or decrease on a daily basis dependent on customer’s needs.
  • New schedule implemented extending hours of operation and near double our hours on weekends
  • Increase in live load shipments from 300 to near 500 truckloads a month
  • Increase in pool load shipments from 300 to over 500 truckloads a month
  • Increase in rail shipments from 8 car loads in January to 25 car loads in July
  • Increased total truck turnover from 1300 a month in January to over 2000 truckloads in July.