The Solution

Wagner’s transportation division at the time served as a transportation provider for other locations around the U.S for the company. After discussing the needs, we took on one lane going to the Kansas City area. Over time more lanes going to Omaha, NE and Ankeny, IA were added.

Shortly after we were awarded the pools lanes that were greater than 210 miles. Today, we move 32 loads per week to several neighboring states. Even though the cutoff for orders is later in the day we work closely with the customer to get a preview of the orders early in the afternoon. We hold drivers that are fresh on hours to accommodate the late pickups with early deliveries. There is also a guided schedule for delivery destinations during the week, so we know the number of drivers that will be needed each day.


The end customer is able to receive the product on-time the next day. We are able to delivery to multiple customers in one day in the same area, sometimes up to four different end customers. We are able to ramp up or down capacity to accommodate customer needs.

We work closely with delivery locations to let them know when the order will coming in with an estimate ETA based on the stop order. If a driver is being held at one stop, we quickly notify the other stops.