Wagner Walks Pet Products Through Growth and Leadership Changes

The Customer

Dog lovers Judy and Joe Roetheli founded S&M NuTec, LLC, a company that developed, manufactured and marketed innovative, premium products for the pet industry like Pnutz™, Hip Chips™, Pill Pockets™, as well as their most successful and well known product, Greenies®.

When headquartered in North Kansas City, Missouri, S&M NuTec distributed its brands to hundreds of domestic retailers. It also shipped product to more than 60 countries, but they started small, just like any company. Inspired by their dog Ivan’s extremely bad breath, Judy and Joe realized that they could create a solution for this ubiquitous problem, and in 1996, formulated and began manufacturing Greenies® - The Original Green Smart Treat® that satisfies dogs’ natural desire to chew as well as greatly improving their bad breath, cleaning their teeth, and improving digestibility of food in their intestines.

The Situation

The Roethelis began with no business experience and little financial support – only a small group of initial investors including family and friends. With passion, persistence and preparedness they turned Greenies® into a national phenomenon from their first sale in 1998. In 2003, Greenies® overtook gigantic competitor Milk Bone and earned the title of number one dog treat in the United States; its success helped S&M NuTec grow over 5000 percent in the first six years. They received more than 40 awards, honors, and recognition since the beginning of 2002 ranging from national, regional, and local honors including recognition for merchandizing strategies in the pet industry.

In 2001, S&M NuTec realized it had outgrown its current warehousing and distribution needs and looked to Wagner Logistics for an Integrated Supply Chain Solution that would combine their Distribution Center Services and Transportation Management Services. The Roethelis could not have foreseen all the success and growth that awaited their fledging company, they just knew that with their current rate of growth they needed more space and needed it quickly.


Wagner had the ultimate objective of creating the “Perfect Order” for S&M NuTec: complete, accurate orders that always ship on time and deliver to the customer as promised. Wagner’s strength lies in bringing all the parts of the supply chain under one roof. As a combination shipper, receiver and warehouse manager, Wagner has a 360-degree view of the logistics industry and takes pride on its ability to step in and address any supply chain needs as needed. For S&M NuTec, Wagner located and leased the warehouse, keeping their fixed cost under control, staffed the facility with trained managers and personnel, designed the layout to insure the most efficient workflow, and provided all of the information systems through its Wagner IT Group.

In 2006, The Roethelis sold S&M NuTec, including Greenies® to The Nutro Company, which is owned by Mars Inc. Wagner Logistics continues to work with Mars Inc., the largest pet food and treat company in the world.